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Rates on 31.10.2014.


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What is RaiffeisenOnLine?

  • RaiffeisenOnLine is a fast, efficient and reliable system of e-banking for accessing your accounts with our bank through the Internet as well as all services available.
  • RaiffeisenOnLine is an electronic, financial service of Raiffeisen banka a.d., which enables you to instantly conduct and review financial transactions as well as to check your statements conveniently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • RaiffeisenOnLine allows clients to conduct payment transactions (domestic and international), based on state-of-the-art technological solutions, that facilitate quality management of funds with accounts at our bank.
  • RaiffeisenOnLine requires simple computer equipment, is easy to use, and allows reliable identification and data integrity and protection.
RaiffeisenOnLine saves your time and money!

RaiffeisenOnLine offers the following services:

  • Domestic currency payments
  • Online account balance and turnover of the accounts
  • Account statement for all accounts; can be donwloaded in .xml, .pdf, MT940, .txt
  • Package of payments for dinar and foreign currency accounts
  • Review and acceptance of international incoming payments
  • Review of international outgoing payments, SWIFT messages and all bank charges
  • Visa and MasterCard business card: account balance, account flow, spending per card and account statements
  • Review of international outgoing payments, SWIFT messages and all bank charges
  • Exchange office – selling FCY to the Bank
  • Exchange rate lists
  • Sending lists of salaries and credit repayment
  • A request for payments confirmation

How do you apply for RaiffeisenOnLine?

Necessary Documents

How do you use RaiffeisenOnLine?

How is the scope of RaiffeisenOnLine services defined?

Benefits from RaiffeisenOnLine system use

With RaiffeisenOnLine you can manage your accounts from anywhere in the world!

RaiffeisenOnLine Security Concept

Equipment you need for RaiffeisenOnLine

Get into the race with time, be RaiffeisenOnLine!