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VISA Virtuon card may be yours after you fill out the application form for the issuance of this payment card and after you open a foreign currency account in Raiffeisen banka with minimum payment of EUR 20.00, for which the card use will be tied or by opening a specila dinar current account with a minimal deposit of 300 RSD for which the use of the card will be tied

The cardholder may be any citizen of age of the Republic of Serbia, as well as a foreign resident employed with the embassy, diplomatic-consular mission or a foreigner whose place of residence is in the territory of our country.

The balance on the card account must be at any time in the amount of the minimal deposit. You will credit the funds to your account before the Internet shopping, to cover the amount of the intended shopping.

Raiffeisen banka VISA Virtuon card may be used only for payments via the Internet on certain domestic and international web sites. Raiffeisen banka recommends shopping only via tested web sites with ensured safety.

When paying for the goods and services by VISA Virtuon card, on some sites besides the field for the card number and field for the card expiration date, there is also a field for a three-digit value to be entered (CVV2). The three-digit number, printed on the reverse side of your VISA Virtuon card, should be entered in this field.

The Bank is obliged to send to a cardholder, on monthly basis, a card account statement for the previous month, in case of any changes.

The Bank is responsible neither for the quantity or quality of services or goods purchased via Internet nor for the behavior of salespeople selling goods and/or services in this way.

For any additional information about VISA Virtuon card, please contact Raiffeisen banka Call Centre, telephone 011/32 02 800.