Multifunctional devices

New ATMs, constructed in accordance with the most contemporary standards of global banking.

Dinar and euro payments

Multifunctional devices enable you to collect or effect dinar or euro payments onto all personal accounts and accounts for which you have an authorization.

Drawing dinars without a payment card

The recipient may collect money that was sent via the option "Mobilni KEŠ" on multifunctional devices 24/7.

Paying bills, transfer of funds, currency exchange and much more...

You can pay your bills at a lower tariff than at the bank's tellers and you can also settle your loan or credit card installment - in cash or cashlessly.

Your money — 24/7

All transactions can be made at these devices around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using the devices is quick and easy. For all additional information, please click the button below and have a look at the User Manual for Multifunctional Devices.

Locations of multifunctional devices and branch offices

Money sent via the "Mobilni KEŠ" service can be drawn at any branch office of Raiffeisen banka or at multifunctional devices