Terms of using content from internet pages of Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd

The terms and conditions stated herein regarding the usage of written material, the listing of products and services, as well as content published on the internet pages of Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd (hereinafter: RBRS) represent rules that all users of this content are under the obligation to comply with. For this reason, we would like you to get acquainted with the rules stated below in order to avoid possible misunderstandings and the consequences this could entail.

Every act of using the website raiffeisenbank.rs is subject to the terms stated below. All content published on the website raiffeisenbank.rs is the ownership of RBRS and can only be used for private and non-commercial use, it may not be copied, reproduced or distributed in any way without the written consent of RBRS.

RBRS will invest all reasonable efforts to maintain the web pages of https://www.raiffeisenbank.rs/ fully functional and to keep all the information published accurate and complete, but the bank does not accept liability for the occasional non-functioning of pages, possible inaccuracy of information, nor does it accept liability for any kind of damage that may have arisen as a result of inaccurate or incomplete information or from the inability to access this information.

The pages https://www.raiffeisenbank.rs/ are accessed via the internet. The internet is the international computer network which is not directly controlled by RBRS, but which the bank is only connected to, so the bank cannot guarantee the availability of services or information which is not under its direct control.

Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd keeps the right to change any of the content published on www.raiffeisenbank.rs at any time and without prior announcement.

The above stated terms refer to several segments:



The content of this webpage is protected by copyright law. The content belongs to RBRS or was ceded to RBRS and is owned by third parties. RBRS also owns the copyright to edit, choose and adjust the contents of these pages. The web page contains protective signs, names of individuals and other similar intellectual property owned by RBRS or owned by third parties and RBRS is the bearer of the license. Content on this page is not meant to be used without limitations and a permission to copy may be requested.

Every violation of the above-mentioned rights, whether accidental or on purpose, represents a serious breach of the terms of using the content on these internet pages and is subject to legal prosecution.

Warranty and limitation of rights

The content on this web page is available without warranty of any kind, whether explicit or implied.

Each user explicitly accepts to use this web page at his/her own responsibility. RBRS does not guarantee that this web page will always be available and that it will not contain mistakes or viruses, or that the data published will be correct and reliable. RBRS is not responsible for damage or violation (including, but not limited to special or consequential damages) which can be a result of using or of not being able to use any part of this webpage or something that was published or added to it by other users.

Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd is in no way legally responsible for the correctness, completeness or usefulness of data and procedures illustrated herein, and does not guarantee that using the information, products or procedures will not disturb private rights. RBRS does not guarantee or give the right to objection as concerns accuracy and completeness of any content found on its internet pages and these materials should be perused ”as they are”, so RBRS does not consider itself responsible for possible consequences that can result from a different interpretation of content found on the internet pages. The media and other internet users are bound by these terms to accept the obligation to refund to RBRS all claims, expenses, damages or liabilities arising from unconscientious usage of content from this page, including any indirect, accidental, specific or consequential case of damage.


You can request an overview of all personal data we received from you via one of our network addresses. Based on your request, we can update, correct or delete this data (if the said data is still found in our data bases), or we can stop using this data in the future. If you wish to exercise this right, please let us know at: info@raiffeisenbank.rs

Terms of using the function of recurrent advertising and advertising on the internet

Through booked internet advertising banner forms (visible directly or available by activating the ad-banner form), RBRS shows the features of its products to visitors of these pages. Advertising in this form can be done on the entire internet network without limitations as concerns the initial purpose of the site, its origins, industry segment or appearance.

Recurrent advertising would be used in situations where the new content would be shown only to viewers who had previously been accessing pages where there was advertising, i.e. viewers to whom the initial message had already been shown.

When advertising on internet pages, RBRS uses several distribution channels for ads and advertising messages. The advertising message is shown on internet pages across the internet in the way that interested portals and/or websites enable advertising networks to publish ad banners through which their advertising networks (Google, among others) place the ads. The ads are shown depending on the content shown on the pages where the ad banners appear.

Since recurring advertising is aimed only at individuals with characteristics defined in advance and who are acquainted with the materials/products/services which are being repeatedly advertised/promoted, the existence of a particular cookie (code writing memorized in the user’s/visitor’s internet browser) is used as a confirmation on existing awareness of the subject of recurring advertising. The existence of this cookie in the internet browser activates the process of recurring advertising.

In case any person visiting pages that by their content may lead to reactivating the process of recurrent advertising does not wish the activation of cookies in the manner previously described, they can be cancelled via the link given below.

You can obtain more information on this subject at the following link, which is owned by the company Google Inc.


Data security

In order to ensure data protection at this internet address and to secure that this service is accessible to all users, programs are used that monitor visits and recognize unauthorized attempts of privacy violation or data modification, as well as attempts that could cause damage in another way. Attempts of violating privacy or modification of data at this address are strictly prohibited. All violators will be prosecuted in accordance with legal regulations.


Data secrecy

We would like to stress that, when visiting these pages, your personal data remains confidential, except in the case you wish to reveal it yourself. We undertake the obligation not to disclose the data we received from you to third parties, except in cases foreseen by the law. At certain points within the pages of http://www.raiffeisenbank.rs and at certain times, RBRS collects users’ personal data (name, surname, address, name of employer, telephone number, e-mail address, etc). This data is used for the purpose of contacting and registering users of this web page and for the purpose of statistical processing of visits to our site. RBRS guarantees that the data collected in this way will not be sold or forwarded to third parties in any way.

Data accuracy

Any of the data found on our internet pages do not need to be fully complete or accurate. RBRS does not guarantee full accuracy or completeness of the data published. In the extraordinary event of a mistake, RBRS will strive to correct it by updating the content of internet pages. The accuracy of data published on the internet pages mostly depends on the way these data were available in publicly open sources. RBRS has completed or changed data that was evidently incorrect based on its own research and collected data.

Rules of privacy

Through the application forms on its internet page www.raiffeisenbank.rs , RBRS collects the following data from its clients: name, surname, contact phone number, e-mail address, unique citizens’ registry number. When applying for online loans, the bank also collects the IP address in order to prevent misuse. RBRS uses the data collected to contact clients, for preparatory activities in order to create an offer before the client is contacted by an employee of the bank, as well as for informative or servicing purposes, as well as for purposes of immediate advertising, and undertakes all the necessary measures to protect the personal data of any client of RBRS. RBRS does not forward the data collected to third parties without the client’s explicit approval. If the client wishes that his/her data be deleted from the internet data base of RBRS, the client needs to send a request to the following e-mail: info@raiffeisenbank.rs

Through its mobile application „Moja mBanka“, RBRS is collecting data about the device with the aim of safety for the user and is processing SMS texts only with the aim of activating the mobile application. The mobile application of RBRS can access photographs and albums so that it could record corresponding application elements to the device, with the aim to speed up the application, optimize network flow and enable the operating of certain segments of the application in offline mode. The bank’s application absolutely does not use this permission with the aim of using or taking photographs from the device. The consent to use device location is used to give users information as regards the nearest branch office or ATM. All this data is used by RBRS exclusively for the above-mentioned purposes, so that uninterrupted usage of the “Moja mBanka” mobile application could be ensured and it is not forwarded to third parties.

Service information


Our service uses statistical software programs for web analytics, which are used for managing these pages. These programs are the standard feature of all web services and are not the characteristic of our pages only. Statistical programs enable us to define those types of data that are of the most or the least interest to our users, the types of information that need to be shown, the efficiency of the web page structure and visits to our internet pages.

Sending e-mail messages

When you send us an e-mail with personal data contained in the e-mail message with your question or comment, we use this data to meet your demands. In these cases, your e-mail can be sent to other employees who are best suited to answer your enquiries.


We are doing everything in our power to ensure that when redirecting your internet pages, you are directed to the Internet pages whose content is safe and of high-quality. However, online pages and addresses are changing fast and we cannot always guarantee the content of each address you are directed to. If you have any questions or dilemmas regarding our policy of personal data protection or regarding your experiences with this internet address, please let us know at info@raiffeisenbank.rs

RBRS research

The publications and content or any of their parts found on the web cannot be considered to represent an offer or solicitation to buy any kind of asset or rights. Information, opinions, analyses, conclusions, forecasts and projections published on the website are based on public statistical and other information coming from sources whose validity RBRS does not question, but for which it cannot give any guarantees. That is why all pieces of information published on the RBRS webpage are subject to changes depending on changes of the information source, as well as of changes that arise from the moment of writing or publication of the text up to the moment of its being read. The information given on the website is exclusively of informative character and will not be considered as advice or any kind of offer to buy or sell any investment instruments foreseen by the laws regulating the capital market in the Republic of Serbia, or other countries. The document or its parts cannot be copied or reproduced in any other manner without stating the source.