10 Dec 2020

Important notice regarding invoices

We wish to inform you that the Instruction on Changes and Amendments to the Instruction for Implementing the Decision on the Conditions and Manner of Performing International Payment Transactions (PPI) states that the number and year of the invoice/proforma invoice should be stated in the international payment order, as well as in the international collection order, for the 112 payment code, and it should correspond to the number stated in the unique customs declaration (field 44 from the JCI).

Several invoices/proforma invoices can be given in one single payment of collection order, in the fields where currently there is the number and year of the register book.

For the Invoice/proforma invoice number, it will be allowed to enter 30AN characters, while the year stays with 4N.

By completing the payment order with the correct number and year of the invoice/proforma invoice, you will to a great extent be exempt of the duty of proving to the controlling authority that the goods paid for in advance were also imported, i.e. that payment for the exported goods was collected, and vice versa.

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