21 Mar 2020

Important notice regarding moratorium

Dear Raiffeisen banka clients,

Regarding the current health and security situation in the Republic of Serbia caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic and in accordance with the state of emergency now in effect, the National Bank of Serbia brought the Decision on Temporary Measures for Maintaining the Stability of the Financial System on March 17, 2020.

With this in mind, we wish to inform you that, starting from March 21, 2020, the bank is offering an optional suspension of repayment obligations (moratorium) as per all your liabilities towards Raiffeisen banka based on loans, credit cards, current account overdraft. If you do not submit to the bank a statement of refusal to accept the moratorium offer within ten (10) days, starting March 21, 2020, we will understand that you have accepted that same offer and the moratorium will automatically come into effect starting from March 31, 2020.

During the period of the state of emergency, the bank will not calculate interest on arrears on a claim that is due but has not been settled and will not start enforcement procedures, nor forced collection from debtors, i.e. the bank will not undertake other legal action with the aim of collecting its claims from debtors.

The moratorium is in effect as long as the state of emergency, but not shorter than 90 days. After the expiry of the moratorium, the loan user continues to repay the loan and the repayment period is prolonged for three months. The regular interest (as stated in the contract) that the bank is calculating for the time of repayment suspension is allocated to the loan principal and is divided equally for the remaining maturity period.

This offer pertains to all clients of the bank: physical persons, farmers, entrepreneurs and legal entities.

You can obtain more detailed information as regards the practical implementation of the decision on the moratorium for loan repayment on the website of the National Bank of Serbia:


You can submit your refusal to accept this moratorium offer by calling the number 011/3202 100

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