05 Oct 2023

Jelena Aksić, New Member of the Managing Board of Raiffeisen Banka

After having received the prior approval of the National Bank of Serbia, Raiffeisen banka has appointed Jelena Aksić, formerly Executive Director in charge of Retail Banking, as the new Member of the Managing Board of Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd. The mandate of Jelena Aksić on this position started on October 1, 2023, and she will be in charge of Retail Banking, including business with small enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Jelena Aksić, with a degree in economics, has more than two decades of experience in banking, and has been pursuing a long successful career in Raiffeisen banka since its establishment in 2001. She participated in developing the Retail Banking segment and considerably contributing to its growth, thanks to her extensive experience and knowledge.

Zoran Petrović, Chairman of the Managing Board, pointed out that it was his great pleasure that Raiffeisen banka in Serbia would have a new member of the MB from its own pool of employees. This, he states, is “proof that the bank has, by continuous investing into its employees, succeeded in building one of the strongest teams in the local banking market”.

“By appointing our most experienced employees to the most responsible management positions, our bank, with the approval of our head office in Vienna, is continuing to realize its long-term strategy of further business expansion in the Serbian market, especially in the segment of Retail Banking, including small enterprises and entrepreneurs, as one of the most important and most vital business segments”, Petrović stressed.

With Jelena Aksić, the Retail Banking segment will continue investing into the development of digital and innovative solutions, with a focus on providing top user experience and maintaining its leading position in the market in the digital banking segment.

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