Investment banking

In business, the most important thing is to choose the right partner and this is especially true for complex financial transactions in the segment of investment banking. Our experts are at your disposal for all questions regarding custody and brokerage operations.

Brokerage operations

  • In accordance with the successful business tradition of Raiffeisen banka, we are proud to present our Investment Banking Department, a team made up of experienced professionals who will justify the trust placed in them by their dedication to work and commitment to your needs.
  • The Investment Banking Department of Raiffeisen banka started its activities in the Serbian market in June 2005 and in that period our services were primarily aimed at institutional clients.
  • We wish to use the rich experience gained in this way to direct our business activities to domestic clients, as well as to legal entities and natural persons. This way, we can offer to all our clients a service package the main features of which are professionalism and efficiency.


  • Raiffeisen banka was the first bank in Serbia to obtain permission on September 8, 2004, for performing the activities of a custody bank, which were pioneering steps in the development of custody services in the local market.
  • Apart from the standard clearing and balancing services, we offer a broad range of custody products for both local and international clients.
  • As a member of the Raiffeisen Group and by using the knowledge and experience gained from similar but more developed financial markets, we can offer all the products that are in accordance with our legal framework.

The development of new products is based on our clients’ needs, with the obligation of maintaining service quality in accordance with international standards. As a result of the knowledge gained and our client relationships, we are still the leading bank as regards the number and volume of transactions performed through accounts with our bank.

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    • Custody services

      Services of financial assets custody include controlling the balance and trading of securities, reporting on all important segments relating to the portfolio, as well as taking care of realizing the rights arising from securities.

    • Clearing and balancing services

      All trading on the stock exchange is balanced with a simultaneous transfer of money and securities. The procedure of balancing the securities sales process is fully automated, and so is the procedure of daily adjustment of the securities account balance with the database of the Central Securities Registry.

    • Reporting services

      The bank informs clients about corporate events and mediates with the aim of realizing rights arising from securities.

    • Representation services

      We represent clients at shareholders’ meetings based on the client’s order and authorization.

    • Services of income collection

      Income such as dividends, coupon collection and other types of income based on ownership of securities are distributed on clients’ accounts with the currency date of payment. We perform a check-up of all calculations and payments.

    • Custody services for funds

      The service of administrating funds is fully automated, including electronic data exchange with the fund management company. Apart from this, the bank offers a broad range of administrative services when registering and maintaining a securities account, as well as when creating reports for state institutions and the many supervisors in charge. This way, prevention and protection of data from irregularities that may arise in operational work is fully provided.

    • Reporting services

      The bank informs clients regularly as regards all important events in the market, the so-called “Newsflash”.


Corporate services

Brokerage services in Raiffeisen banka comprise all the activities generally included in traditional corporate services:

  • issue agent
  • best effort / firm commitment underwriting
  • corporate agency
  • organizing a takeover bid
  • organizing a squeeze-out
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    • More about corporate services

      • Issue agent – this includes a range of activities we perform for issuers of securities based on a corporate agency contract: checking the preconditions for a new issue of securities, communication with the Central Securities Registry, communication with the Securities Commission, organizing presentations for potential investors in Serbia and abroad, marketing presentations and advertising, etc.
      • Best effort/ Firm commitment underwriting – these activities include organizing the issuing (distribution) of securities, performed on the basis of a corporate agency contract (contract on issue take-over) and include accepting the obligation on our side to buy the whole issue of securities from the issuer (in order to distribute it further) or only a part of the issue that remains unsold after the expiry of the term for book-entry and payment.
      • Corporate agency – these activities are performed based on a corporate agency contract, including a range of standard services we offer to companies that are issuers of securities, in their communication with the Central Securities Registry (obtaining statements from the unique evidence of shareholders in order to hold a shareholders’ meeting or in order to pay out dividends/interest rates, registration of increase/decrease of equity, withdrawal and cancelling of securities, administering transfer orders from so-called disapproving shareholders, etc)
      • Organizing a takeover bid – includes a range of services we offer to clients who prepare for the takeover of a shareholding company, based on a corporate agency contract (preparing the text of a takeover bid, opening the corresponding money accounts and securities accounts, preparing documents, publishing and sending the bid to the current  shareholders, monitoring the legality of the whole takeover process, etc.
      • Organizing a squeeze out – includes a range of activities and procedures we perform on the basis of a corporate agency contract for clients who have 90% or more shares with voting right in one shareholding company and who wish to obtain all the remaining shares issued by that company.

      All the above-mentioned activities are performed in synergy with other activities regularly performed in Raiffeisen banka, which enables greater efficiency and flexibility in managing transactions.

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