Approved account overdraft

Raiffeisen banka enables its clients, as well as those who still are not, to use an approved account overdraft.

RaiffeisenOnLine electronic banking

RaiffeisenOnLine is the electronic financial service of Raiffeisen banka, enabling the user to perform and review financial transactions, as well as to view all account balances online, independently from the bank’s working hours.

RaiffeisenOnLine is the system of electronic banking aimed at local and foreign legal entities and entrepreneurs who wish to manage their assets in the best possible manner.

Stop racing with time, be RaiffeisenOnLine!


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    • Services provided by RaiffeisenOnLine

      • Dinar and foreign currency payments
      • Online overview of account balance, movements and statements (with an archive of payment orders and account statements)
      • Overview of incoming payments from abroad
      • Overview of nostro remittances, SWIFT messages and fee calculation
      • Overview of Visa and Master business accounts and cards
      • Currency exchange – transfer from foreign currency account to the dinar account
      • Exchange rate lists with option of choosing the date and downloading
      • Sending of salary lists and loan holdbacks
      • Request for statements on payments effected
      • Working with securities
    • Benefits of using RaiffeisenOnLine

      • Online account balance and account movements
      • More competitive tariff in domestic and international payments
      • Longer hours for receiving payment orders
      • Reduces the client’s voluminous paperwork
      • Fast reporting on transactions performed
      • Fast, secure and simple payment transactions
      • Option of connecting to the client’s internal financial system
      • Payment order archive available
      • Connection to the bank around the clock – 24 hours a day, seven days a week
    • Equipment necessary for RaiffeisenOnLine

      • Computer with internet access
      • USB token/smart card with electronic certificate
      • Smart card reader
    • RaiffeisenOnLine security concept

      RaiffeisenOnLine is a safe, fast and simple system of electronic banking! For security purposes, when using RaiffeisenOnLine services, the bank issues to the user a USB token/smart card with electronic certificate which enables the electronic signing of financial transactions, while at the same time providing reliable identificaiton and verification of the user, protection of secrecy and data integrity.

      Security measures include the following:

      • USB token/smart card, which are a security device with a chip inside which safeguards the electronic certificate and the cryptographic keys necessary for using the RaiffeisenOnLine system.
      • PIN code chosen by the user
      • Password policy
      • Electronic signature
      • Option of choosing one or more signatories per account for payments with signing hierarchy
      • Defining different privileges for employees
      • Changing privileges at any time at the client’s request

      Security rules for using RaiffeisenOnLine

    • Documents needed to access RaiffeisenOnLine