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Raiffeisen banka offers you a range of products and services that will make your dinar and foreign currency business transactions secure, faster and more competitively priced for you and your business partners.

VISA Business Gold Debit

Your VISA Business Gold debit card enables you to:

  • pay in Serbia and abroad at all points of sale where you see the VISA sign
  • withdraw cash at ATMs and at tellers of Raiffeisen banka and other banks which accept the VISA card
  • pay for goods and services through the internet and by way of MO/TO transactions (Mail Order, Telephone Order)
  • perform all the business transactions of your company in a simple and elegant manner
  • depart on a business trip safely, because this card guarantees security
  • enjoy the benefits provided for you by the company VISA Inc. (for more information, please visit the website
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    • How to become a user of the VISA Business Gold debit card?

      Each company that is a client of Raiffeisen banka has the right to submit a request for the issuing of business payment cards, including the VISA Business Gold debit card.

      After approval of the request and the signing of the contract on using a business payment card, the company becomes the bearer of the card with the right of appointing its users.

      The bearer of the card may appoint an unlimited number of VISA Business Gold Debit card users.

      VISA Business Electron cards are issued to the names of their users. Dinar and foreign currency accounts are opened in the name of the company as the bearer of the card and funds are deposited on these accounts which will be used for card payments.

      The user of the VISA Business Electron card gains the right to dispose of the funds on the newly opened company accounts to which card usage is linked and the card bearer has the right to revoke and take away the card from the user at any time. All the payments and expenditures made by the card user are borne in total by the bearer of the VISA Business Electron card.

    • Conditions for issuing the VISA Business Gold debit card

      The card is issued based on the contract between Raiffeisen banka and the company represented by the owner. The document is concluded and signed by authorized persons of Raiffeisen banka and the interested party. This contract defines the terms and conditions for issuing and using the VISA Business Gold debit card.


      After the contract has been signed, the customer service of Raiffeisen banka opens a dinar and a foreign currency account to which the card usage will be linked.


      The annual membership and costs of card usage are defined in the Tariff of Raiffeisen banka and the card is issued for a validity period of two years.


      Raiffeisen banka is under the obligation to send standard statements on account balance to the bearer of the VISA Business Gold debit card once a month.

    • Using the VISA Business Gold debit card

      The card may be used in Serbia and abroad for the payment of goods and services bearing the VISA Electron sign for drawing cash at ATMs, online, as well as for MOTO transactions. The card may not be used on imprint machines. When paying for goods and services with the card, as well as when drawing cash from ATMs, the user enters a PIN and is verified as the user.


      In case the card has been lost or stolen, the user is under the obligation to report this immediately to the Contact Center of Raiffeisen banka to the phone number 011/3202-800 operating around the clock (24/7).

    • List of ATMs

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