Digital services

Raiffeisen banka offers to its clients a wide range of digital services, such as electronic banking and mobile banking.

RaiffeisenOnLine electronic banking

RaiffeisenOnLine is an electronic financial service of Raiffeisen banka that enables the user to perform and have an overview of financial transactions, as well as to have an online overview of the balance on all accounts, regardless of the bank’s working hours.

RaiffeisenOnLine is an electronic banking system for domestic and foreign legal entities and entrepreneurs who wish to manage their assets in the best possible manner.

Stop racing with time, be RaiffeisenOnLine!

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    • Services offered by RaiffeisenOnLine

      • Dinar and foreign currency payments
      • Online overview of account balance and turnover
      • Downloading account statements in different formats: txt, pdf, xml, SWIFT MT940
      • Overview and distribution of international incoming payments
      • Overview of nostro payments, SWIFT messages and calculation of fees
      • Overview per Visa i Master business accounts and cards
      • Exchange office – transfer from the foreign currency account to the dinar account (selling of foreign currency)
      • Exchange rate lists with possibility of choosing the date and downloading
      • Sending lists of salaries and loan installment repayments
      • Request on confirmation of performed payments
      • Transactions with securities
      • Possibility of setting up an individual and particular mode of signing (collective signatures, hierarchy of signatures, different limits per account)
    • Benefits of using RaiffeisenOnLine

      • Online overview of account balance and account movements
      • More competitive tariff in domestic and international payments
      • Longer payment order reception hours
      • Reduced paperwork for clients
      • Fast reporting on performed transactions
      • Fast, secure and simple payments
      • Option of connecting to the client’s internal financial system
      • Archive of payment orders available
      • Link to the bank around the clock, 24/7
    • Equipment necessary for RaiffeisenOnLine

      • Computer with internet access
      • Card with electronic certificate
      • Smart card reader

      Set-up and files necessary for RaiffeisenOnLine

    • RaiffeisenOnLine security concept

      RaiffeisenOnLine is a secure, fast and simple e-banking system. In order to enable the secure usage of RaiffeisenOnLine, the bank issues a USB token/smart card with electronic certificate to the user, which enable electronic signing of financial transactions, while at the same time enabling reliable identification and authentification of the user, protection of secrecy and data integrity.

      The following security measures are used:

      • USB token/smart card: a security device with integrated chip which keeps the electronic certificate and cryptographic keys needed to use RaiffeisenOnLine.
      • PIN code chosen by the user (6 to 8 alphanumeric characters)
      • Password policy (forced password change after a certain period, etc.)
      • Electronic signature
      • Option of using one or more signatories per account for payments with signature hierarchy
      • Defining different privileges for employees
      • Changing of privileges at any time on client’s request
    • Documents needed to access RaiffeisenOnLine

      Photocopies of ID cards/ passports of persons for whom the electronic certificate is issued

      Set-up and files needed for RaiffeisenOnLine

Halcom E-bank electronic banking

Halcom E-bank is a system of electronic banking for legal entities and entrepreneurs.

The user is able to perform payments quickly, easily and efficiently with the help of the software installed on the client’s computer.


In order to do business successfully in international markets, you need a reliable partner who can guarantee easy and secure transactions. Raiffeisen banka is the leader in this segment and the development of this application has enabled new options for our clients at an even higher level.

CMI@Web is the most contemporary internet portal enabling clients to perform domestic and international transactions in a simple manner in every country where they do business. The web application was developed by Raiffeisen Bank International AG and it is intended for Treasury head offices of multinational companies.

  • What does CMI@web enable for its users?

    • Sending domestic and international payments
    • Receiving reports in accordance with global standards
    • Using local and international payment formats (SWIFT, SEPA XML 20022)
    • Remote signing option available
    • English and German language available
    • Data import and export
    • Identical application design for 11 countries (Austria, Bulgaria, The Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia)


Apart from using the internet or electronic banking, payment orders can also be issued through SWIFT.

SWIFT MT101 is the service that enables users to issue dinar and foreign currency orders and it also enables them centralized managing of their accounts opened in Raiffeisen banka and in other banks.

MT101 messages can be accepted from banks who have bilateral contracts concluded with Raiffeisen banka. Based on the instructions in these messages and a signed annex to the contract, Raiffeisen banka performs dinar and foreign currency payments.


  • What does the SWIFT MT101 service enable?

    • Access to accounts opened in Raiffeisen banka from another foreign bank
    • Payment instruction delivery made easy
    • A single mode of issuing payment instructions from all accounts around the world