Acceptance of payment cards

Raiffeisen banka offers you the option of installing a POS terminal at your point of sale and the service of payment card acceptance at your online point of sale.


E-commerce is the service of payment card acceptance at your online point of sale – the WebShop. Raiffeisen banka has prepared an offer for you for establishing an e-commerce environment:

  • no initial fee for implementing the service 
  • 6 months without monthly renting fee 

With this service, you enable your products to be available at any moment, not just to buyers in Serbia, but in the whole world.

The service was developed in order to enable a safe and secure mode of payment card acceptance of the Visa and MasterCard card systems on merchants’ online points of sale.

For more information, please contact us at: or call 011/220-7911, 011/220-7914 or 011/220-7919.

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    • Transaction security

      Security of online shopping is guaranteed with applying security standards required by the card systems Visa Inc. (Verified by Visa) and MasterCard Worldwide (MasterCard Secure Code). This way, the biggest challenge of online shopping was addressed and the possibility of payment card misuse was reduced.

    • Benefits of online sales for the merchant

      • Lower implementation costs (no brick-and-mortar business)
      • Lower cost of resources compared to a brick-and-mortar business.  The online point of sale is open around the clock, 24/7.
      • Availability of products/services to buyers globally
      • Business following the principle “just-in-time”
      • The merchant is identified as a leader in implementation of new technologies by the buyers.
    • Benefits of online sales for the buyer

      • All products available around the clock, 24/7
      • Shopping from your armchair
      • Lower product prices
      • Comparing product prices is easier and there is greater service choice
      • Better availability of information regarding products (features and consumer opinion)
      • Avoiding pressure from sales staff
      • Lower purchasing expenses
      • Faster delivery than with other forms of non-personal sales

Your online store

Our online sales platform is all you need to start selling online and to maintain your online business successfully!

The available options will enable you to present your products in the best way, to attract visitors and turn them into loyal customers, while the platform with its analytics enables you to constantly learn from the behavior of your buyers.

POS terminals

Raiffeisen banka has enabled all its clients to install POS terminals at the merchant’s physical point of sale in order to enable the payment of goods and services by using payment cards or the mobile phone.

Benefits of installing a POS terminal for merchants:

  • increased turnover, resulting in greater profit – by paying with a card or with the help of the application installed on the mobile phone, buyers are not constrained by the amount of cash they have in their wallet
  • keeping up with the competition
  • meeting increasing customer demand to pay for goods and services in a faster and more elegant manner
  • enabling credit card users to pay for goods and services in installments, while the total transaction amount is immediately paid onto the merchant’s account
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    • Benefits of using a Raiffeisen banka POS terminal

      • making all business transactions through one account – simpler control of turnover
      • acceptance of all kinds of payment cards issued by the card systems VISA, MasterCard and DinaCard, at a single point
      • choice of several POS terminal models in accordance with the technical requirements of the point of sale
      • fast transactions
      • fast transfer of funds to the merchant’s account after the transaction has been made
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