29 Oct 2021

Raiffeisen Banka Extends Digital Revolution to Small Business Segment

  • “Business iCash“ loan (“Biznis iKeš“) for lump sum taxpayers – money on the account in 30 minutes, without visiting the bank and without submitting documents
  • “Business iAccount“ (“Biznis iRačun“) for small enterprises and entrepreneurs – fully online, without visiting the bank

 The “Business iCash“ loan („Biznis iKeš“) is an absolute novelty in the local market, but also in our region. Raiffeisen banka has enabled all entrepreneurs who are lump sum taxpayers to complete the entire process, from submitting an application to the loan for working capital being on the account, via the internet and in only 30 minutes. Just how revolutionary this offer is can be shown by the fact that the Serbian bank is the first in the Raiffeisen Group to introduce such an advanced banking service for entrepreneurs.

Lump sum taxpayers who need additional funds quickly (both clients of Raiffeisen banka, as well as those who still are not), can apply for this loan online, without the need to submit any documents or visit the bank in person. Identification is performed by a short video-call with the bank’s employee, and the only data required, apart from personal identification data, is the code from the Certificate of Taxes Paid, which can be downloaded from the website ePorezi. The whole process is completed with the advanced electronic signature, very quickly – the response regarding the loan approved is received within 15 minutes from the moment of request submission, and the funds can be on the account in less than half an hour!

The “Business iCash“ loan is available in amounts of up to RSD 600,000, with the maximum repayment period of up to three years and a fixed interest rate during the whole repayment period. During this process, an account will automatically be opened for those lump sum taxpayers who still do not have an account with the bank.

The “Business iAccount“ (“Biznis iRačun“) is for all small enterprises with a single owner, as well as for entrepreneurs who do not have an account with the bank. It is opened online, in just 15 minutes, and just with a valid ID or passport, without the need to visit the bank in person. It comes with all the banking services necessary for business, particularly the mobile banking service application.

“After the innovation we offered to citizens two years ago – the online ‘iCash’ loan, which proved to be very much needed in our market because a great number of clients are satisfied with it – we are expanding the digital revolution also to the small business segment. We have specifically recognized the needs of lump sum taxpayers, who have up to now perhaps not had the opportunity to exploit all the benefits of digitalization. With our “Business iCash“ loan, they will be able to obtain funds in an extremely short time period, saving time for more important things for their business. The same can be said of all the small entrepreneurs who do not have an account with our bank – they can open the “Business iAccount“ in an instant, at the particular time and place most convenient to them,“ Petar Jovanović, Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board of Raiffeisen banka, stated on this occasion.

You can find more information regarding submitting an application and loan approval at https://www.raiffeisenbank.rs/mala-privreda/krediti/biznis-online-kredit, and regarding the opening of an iAccount at: https://www.raiffeisenbank.rs/pravna-lica/mala-privreda/racuni/biznis-online-racun, as well as by calling our Contact Centre at the phone No. 011/3202-100.

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Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd is a member of Raiffeisen Bank International, one of the largest banking groups in Central and Eastern Europe. It began its business activities in Serbia in 2001 and is now developing its activities in three main segments: retail banking, corporate banking, as well as treasury and investment banking. For all additional information, please contact the Marketing & PR Department of Raiffeisen banka at the phone No. 011/2207-306.

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