Financial markets

We have long-standing experience in money market trading, we can help you in making the optimal choice for your business and provide you with the best Forex trading offer.

Forex and money market


  • FX transactions
  • FX banknote trading

Money market

  • FX forward transactions
  • FX swap transactions
  • Deposits
  • Interest rate swap
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    The Money Market and Foreign Currency Transactions Department enables foreign currency and money market transactions. Products offered by this department include foreign currency transactions and FX banknote trading, as well as FX swaps, forwards and interest rate swaps.

    Raiffeisen banka is the leader in new product development and has already introduced a broad range of treasury products into the local market.


    Please contact your Relationship Manager for all additional information.

Sales of Treasury Division products

  • FX spot transaction
  • FX forward transaction
  • FX swap transaction
  • Interest rate swap
  • Advantages of working with the Treasury Products Sales Department

    The dynamic team of Raiffeisen banka’s dealers, dedicated to your business, enables you access to forex markets both locally and abroad.

    Issuing quotes to corporate clients for all currencies listed on the exchange rate list of Raiffeisen banka, based exclusively on market principles.

    Regular informing on all relevant occurrences is possible upon request.

    The products have been designed to suit all your needs.

    Please contact your Relationship Manager for all additional information.

Instruments of protection against interest rate and currency risk

Clients face different challenges in their business – the risks of changing interest rates as well as changes in the currency exchange rate greatly impact everyday business activities. A growing number of clients is becoming aware of the advantages of risk protection by using financial derivatives.

There are numerous techniques clients can make use of to protect themselves from the risk of changes in the foreign currency exchange rate or the interest rate. Please have a look at a short description of each product, as well as the benefits and risks these products bear, in order to choose which product in Raiffeisen banka’s offer best suits your needs.

New risk protection techniques are being developed and improved regularly in order to meet the specific needs of our clients. You can contact the dealers of Raiffeisen banka for additional information.

Assets and liability management and financial institutions department

The Assets and Liability Management and Financial Institutions Department is in charge of professional management of the bank’s assets and liabilities (liquidity and structural parameters) within the limits prescribed, thereby striving to achieve profit optimization.

This organizational unit presents analyses and recommendations for a strategic approach to ALCO members (Assets and Liabilities Committee).

The department is also in charge of creating and developing business relations between the bank and other banks as financial institutions, for the maintenance of these relations and administration for the needs of the Treasury and Investment Banking Division and the bank’s clients.