Visa debit card

Enjoy secure payments! Money available around the clock, 24/7.

Card issued in 15 minutes

Forget the long issuing process and enjoy secure payments right now, the card issuing process lasts only 15 minutes.

Money available around the clock, for 24 hours, 7 days a week

The Visa debit card can be used for drawing cash and paying for goods and services in Serbia and abroad, as well as for secure online payments.

What you need to know

  • Terms of card issuance

    • The card user can be any citizen of the Republic of Serbia who is of legal age, as well as a foreign natural person employed in an embassy, diplomatic-consular office or a foreigner with place of residence on the territory of Serbia.
    • The card is issued and is valid in the period stated on the card (36 months) and can be reissued after that period.
    • Users who use the VISA debit card as part of the Product Package are exempt from paying the annual fee, as long as the VISA debit card is used as part of the Product Package.
    • The VISA debit card can be obtained after opening a current account with Raiffeisen banka and submitting a request for the issuance of this card. The basic
      VISA debit card is issued per one current account. More additional cards can be issued to one basic card. All transactions with additional cards are charged to the account of the owner of the main card.

    The card is replaced in the following cases:

    1. when the user changes his/her personal data.
    2. when the plastic of the card has been damaged physically.
    3. if the newly imprinted card bears incorrect (printed) data or if the card is technically faulty.
    4. if the user forgets or loses the PIN.

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