Payment transactions

We will make your payment transactions secure, faster and competitively priced for you and your business partners, both in domestic payments, as well as in international payment transactions.

Ordinary accounts

It is possible to open a dinar and foreign currency current account in any branch office of Raiffeisen banka. With an account opened in our bank, you can make cash payments in the branch office, electronic and paper payments for goods and services, draw cash with VISA cards, verify and charge payments according to contract authorizations, bills of exchange and other instruments of collateral, as well as perform other transactions in domestic and international payments.

Special purpose accounts

With the aim of supporting clients in all their business activities and in order to meet their specific demands, Raiffeisen banka offers services of opening the following special accounts: escrow accounts, securities accounts and founding deposit accounts.

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    • Escrow accounts

      The bank opens special purpose accounts upon request of its clients. These accounts are bound to individual concrete business activities. Based on these accounts, the bank acts as the agent guaranteeing the work will be finished in accordance with the contract. Special purpose accounts are terminated when all contract obligations have been fulfilled.

    • Securities accounts

      Raiffeisen banka opens special purpose accounts for its clients for the buying and selling of securities. All changes in these accounts are performed in accordance with contract notes received from the Central Registry, the Belgrade Stock Exchange, as well as the brokerage contract concluded with the stock exchange broker.

    • Founding deposit accounts

      Non-residents may pay the founding deposit in foreign currency onto a special purpose account with the bank, but also in foreign currency cash, by presenting a confirmation of the customs in charge that the money was reported when entering the country. Payment of founding capital can be effected in dinars if the dinars were bought abroad.


Domestic payment transactions

Raiffeisen banka offers you a range of products and services that will make your dinar and foreign currency transactions safer, faster and competitively better for you and your business partners.

We will recognize your needs and offer you the best solution.

Payment transactions performed through our bank are economical, efficient and secure, so that we could reduce your expences and enable you to do business by global standards.

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    • Benefits of opening a business account with Raiffeisen banka

      • Competitive and simple tariff
      • Payment orders sent electronically
      • Professional support and assistance when making payment transactions
      • Fast payment order realization
      • Unobstructed usage of all incoming funds from the moment of their being paid onto the account
      • Option of paying with currency forward
      • Submitting collateral instruments for collection
      • Fast and efficient cheque clearing
      • Depositing and withdrawal of cash, night deposit box usage
      • Cash delivery at the client’s address
      • Account statements sent by electronic banking or e-mail, available in the bank’s branch offices or sent by SWIFT MT940
    • Submitting payment orders

      • Electronically through the e-banking system or by SWIFT MT101
      • In person in the bank’s branch offices
    • Sending of account statements

      • via e-mail
      • via electronic banking
      • through SWIFT, message MT940
      • in person in the bank’s branch offices
    • Information on domestic and international payments

      Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding domestic and international payments.

International payment transactions

Raiffeisen banka performs international payment services by using the latest technological solutions, as well as a wide network of its correspondent banks. Our clients have special benefits if they use the services of Raiffeisen banka and make payments within the Raiffeisen Group.

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    • Benefits of payments through Raiffeisen banka

      • Fast and efficient payment order processing
      • Professional and expert help and advice when filling in the payment order
      • Competitive and simple tariff
      • Submitting payment orders electronically
      • Effecting the payment order without additional documents (with signed contract)
      • The client receives a payment notification by e-mail or fax on the same day of payment
      • Cheaper and faster payments within the Raiffeisen Group
      • All incoming funds can be used immediately from the moment of payment distribution
    • Submitting payment orders and documents

      • Through the electronic banking system or through SWIFT MT101 (until 13h, i.e. 1 PM)
      • In person in the bank’s branch office (until 13h, i.e. 1 PM)

      You can submit all the adjoining documents (invoice, proforma invoice, contract, etc) scanned to the e-mail: or to the fax No. 011/220-7603; 011/220-7609; 011/222-5789.

      If the client signs a contract which defines that international payments are made without the adjoining documents, then the client is under the obligation to submit only the payment order when performing the payment.

    • Sending account statements

      • via e-mail
      • via electronic banking
      • through SWIFT, message MT940
      • in person in the bank’s branch offices
    • Payments within the Raiffeisen Group

      BIC code  Bank name
      SGSBALTX Raiffeisen Bank Sh.a., Tirana, Albania
      RZBAATWW Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Austria
      RVSAAT2S Raiffeisenverband Salzburg, Austria
      RLNWATWW Raiffeisenlandesbank Niederösterreich-Wien, Austria
      RZOOAT2L Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich, Austria
      RZTIAT22 Raiffeisenlandesbank Tirol, Austria
      SLHYAT2S Salzburger Landes-Hypothekenbank, Austria
      RVVGAT2B Raiffeisenlandesbank Vorarlberg, Austria
      PJCBBY2X Priorbank JSC, Minsk, Belarus
      RZBABA2S Raiffeisen Bank d.d Bosna i Hercegovina, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
      RZBBBGSF Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) E.A.D., Sofia, Bulgaria
      RZBCCZPP Raiffeisenbank a.s., Prague, Czech Republic
      RZBHHR2X Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d., Zagreb, Croatia
      UBRTHUHB Raiffeisen Bank Zrt., Budapest, Hungary
      RZOODE77 RLB Zweigniederlassung Süddeutschland, Germany
      RZBRROBU Raiffeisen Bank S.A., Bucharest, Romania
      RZBMRUMM AO Raiffeisenbank, Moscow, Russia
      TATRSKBX Tatra banka a.s., Bratislava. Slovakia
      RBKOXKPR Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo J.S.C., Priština, Serbia
      RZBSRSBG Raiffeisen banka a.d. Belgrade, Serbia
      AVALUAUK Raiffeisen Bank Aval JSC, Kiev, Ukraine
    • Payments to beneficiaries in states that are members of the European Union, in amounts up to EUR 50,000.00

      Payment orders for beneficiaries in a member state of the European Union, in amounts up to EUR 50,000.00 which the bank receives up to the time foreseen for payment order receipt in accordance to the valid Tariff of the bank for payment services, the bank will process on the same day by sending an order to the corresponding bank abroad with value date D+2 or the date agreed. The beneficiary’s bank will approve the beneficiary’s account in accordance with its business policy. The payment orders which the bank receives after the time foreseen for payment order receipt, will be processed the following day in the manner described.

      For international payment transactions, the bank calculates and charges a fee in accordance with the currently valid Tariff of the bank’s fees for payment transactions.

      The bank’s client can perform an international payment transaction by using foreign currency funds in the payment currency from the client’s foreign currency account. In case the payment is made in a currency differing from the currency in the FX account, the bank will convert the necessary amount using the exchange rate for buying and selling foreign currency. The client can also buy the needed foreign currency funds from the bank in order to perform international payments.

      In case the beneficiary did not receive the funds in accordance to the process described, or if the client has a complaint regarding another aspect of the transaction performed, the bank can inspect the case and inform the client as regards the causes as well as the steps taken in order to resolve the complaint.

    • Collecting international payments

      Raiffeisen banka informs the client of all incoming international payments on the same work day the payment was received until 16h, i.e. 4 PM.

      Statements on incoming international payments can be delivered by:

      • E-mail
      • Fax
      • E-banking: RaiffeisenOnLine and Hal E-bank
    • Information on domestic and international payments

      Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding domestic and international payments.

    • Payment order

    • Important information – payments to the United Arab Emirates!

      In accordance with the request of the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), for payments to the UAE it is mandatory to complete the first row of the field Details of payment with the POP code – purpose of the payment.


      Data should be entered as follows: /BENEFRES/AE//XXX/, where XXX is the 3-character POP code explaining purpose of the payment (you can find the list on the bank’s website, section International Payments).

      Other details of payment can be completed in the next rows of the field.


      Example of the field Details of payment:


      Invoice no 156/2020


      In case you do not complete this field as requested, the correspondent bank may charge additional costs or reject the payment.